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Neanderthals Flour
July 10, 2023

Neanderthals and Proto-Europeans in Italy were the first to produce flour ~43kya, new research indicates

Neanderthals and Proto-Europeans now confirmed Bakers at over 40,000 years ago You can now watch…
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Homo naledi paper
Homo naledi
July 9, 2023

Homo naledi paper by Lee Berger released. Conclusion: Engravings “unlikely” made by other Hominins or modern Cavers

Homo naledi paper by Lee Berger, John Hawks, Agustin Fuentes, Keneiloe Molopyane, and four other…
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Tom Lalampaa
African Politics
June 20, 2023

Tom Lalampaa, CEO of Int’l Conservation group, disrespect for Kenyan Turkana People: calls them “Monkeys” Tom Lalampaa blasts his fellow Africans as monkeys Tom Lalampaa is the CEO of…
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Agustin Fuentes
Homo naledi
June 15, 2023

Meaning Making: Agustin Fuentes, Lee Berger promote deep culture for small-brained Homo naledi

"Meaning making, the process of how individuals make sense of knowledge, experience, relationships, and the…
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Homo naledi
Homo naledi
June 5, 2023

Lee Berger makes Big Announcement: Homo naledi was using crosshatch markings for directions in the Dinaledi cave system

Lee Berger announces Homo naledi used special markings for guidance in the dark cave system…
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Children's book
Racial Politics
May 19, 2023

Children’s book makes controversial statements on white race: Jessica Ralli, “Our Skin: 1st conversation on Race”

Children's book by New York author claims whites are privileged A children's book published two…
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Aquatic Ape Theory
May 6, 2023

Aquatic Ape Theory poem by Barack Obama uncovered from 1988

Aquatic Ape Theory - Man passed through an ocean, sea phase in human evolution The…
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Armand Mijares
Archaic Hominins
April 27, 2023

Homo luzonensis: recent discovery backed by new study, suggests Filipino Ayta line to Australopithecus, Chimpanzees

Adds to evidence of Homo luzonensis direct ties to extant Filipino tribes, Ayta Magbukon, Agta…
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April 16, 2023

Physiognomy of modern Africans: Pygmies descended from Homo naledi; KhoeSan exquisite traits

Physiognomy of Africans vastly different then Eurasians apparent to the eye, but also measurable physiognomy,…
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Lee Berger
Archaic Hominins
March 31, 2023

Homo naledi culture, stone tools, DNA? Lee Berger teases huge announcement any day now

Homo naledi culture or some other spectacular find being hinted at by NatGeo Explorer Lee…
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