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In mid-May, Subspecieist.com posted an article on University of Liverpool Anthropology associate professor Adam Benton.  Professor Benton, a blogger with Filthy Monkey Men, frequently comments on Twitter regarding anthropology subjects, specifically Neanderthals.  In an exchange with Subspecieist.com editor Eric Dondero, Benton conceded that modern European ethnics have up to 6% Neanderthal DNA.

4MyPeople dedicated a 20 minute video on Benton conceding the point to Dondero.

Interestingly, 4MyPeople, who hails from northwestern Canada reports in the video his own Neanderthal DNA score, “absolutely… on 23 and Me I score 5%, close to 5%.  So, I’m more Neanderthal than people who take 23 and Me test. And I would say it’s even higher.  I have uniquely Neanderthal skeletal and morphological traits.”

4MyPeople goes on to read the full article and urges his viewers to follow Eric Dondero on Twitter.

Watch the full video at YouTube.


4MyPeople has moved to Odysee.com.  Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero has been a guest on three episodes during 2021.

A recent episode featured a critique of paleo-anthropologist Erika of Gutsick Gibbon on YouTube.

4MyPeople on Odysee has 180 followers.  A typical show gets 50 to 100 viewers.  The host is based in Canada and is a rugged survivalist/outdoorsman.

See our article, Aug. 20, 2020,

Neanderthal Man of North America: Incredible discovery on Canadian coast

Neanderthal Man has been secluded for years, huddled in the forests of the northeast Canadian coast.

He has been making videos from an undisclosed location on the northeast Canadian coast for the last 2 years.  On July 7, 4MyPeople revealed himself on camera: “Morning coffee stream with a Neanderthal.”

Neanderthal ManHe has 1.250 subscribers.  Typically he gets about 250 to 300 views per video.  His Live Chats can be quite intense and wide ranging.  He’s been labeled Alt Right by some. But he clearly separates himself from hateful white supremacists.

4MyPeople’s magnum opus, so to speak, is The Out of Neanderthal Theory (Origins of Modern Humans), 2018:

“So, basically we are all the same species, essentially.  But we are all a different Subspecies of each other. Kind of like dogs and wolves, right. Dogs and wolves can interbreed, but they most generally choose not too.”

From his latest YouTube video, “Morning coffee stream with a Neanderthal”, July 10:

“Good to see my face [To Live Chatter].  I think I broke the camera. Yeah, well, I guess I’ll just be streaming, showing my face. I don’t care anymore. We have to speak up [against the radical left]…

Me my problem is with the science, the fact that they’re trying to say that modern Europeans are not descended from ancient Europeans. [Like] Cro-magnons aren’t descended from Neanderthals. I mean look at me.  Come on, right… short little legs, long torso.”



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  • Tiresome says:

    I checked out 4MyPeople on Oddysee & he wont allow comment for some reason or i would comment there.
    He made a video spreading the lie that Hitler had jewish ancestry, a claim that has been debunked here: https://archive.fo/saUkf
    fyi, regardless of your worldview lies are never correct.

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