HUMAN EVOLUTION NEWS: Article Feb. 1, by Cecelia Padiia-Iglesis, Univ. of Vienna PhD student, on Mosaic Evolution across Africa, "researchers found human fossils in the Democratic Republic of Congo that dated to around 22,000 years ago but physically resembled people living around 300,000 years ago. [likely resulting] from periods of isolation where different populations in different parts of the continent each developed distinctive cultural and physical adaptations to their local environments." "New evidence is prompting researchers to rethink Homo sapiens’ origin story—and what it means to be human." --
Sarah Tishkoff
January 31, 2023

Sarah Tishkoff gleeful over ASHG cancelling legendary geneticist & co-discoverer of AHDS William Allan

Sarah Tishkoff, UPenn geneticist, on a rampage to destroy the reputation of the man who…
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Homo naledi Paper
January 27, 2023

Homo naledi paper to be published, stunning reversal: Lee Berger threatened Science Magazine to go public

Homo naledi paper by Berger likely on DNA discovery Lee Berger is a world-renowned evolutionary…
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History with Kayleigh
January 24, 2023

Homo naledi DNA, evidence of culture? Lee Berger teases Kayleigh, explosive announcements to come

Homo naledi DNA recovered at lab in Denmark? Lee Berger promises major announcements including Homo…
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Ayanna Pressley
Race & IQ
January 20, 2023

Ayanna Pressley on Race & IQ: Snopes admits Tweet by Massachusetts Congresswoman may be authentic

Ayanna Pressley allegedly Tweeted, IQ is a measure of Whiteness  (*Article has been updated below)…
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Homo banyoles
Archaic Hominins
January 16, 2023

Homo banyoles, mysterious new human species found in western Europe dated ~45kya

Homo banyoles, originally thought to be Neanderthal, ruled out Homo banyoles, is it a late…
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Rebecca Wragg Sykes
January 13, 2023

Rebecca Wragg Sykes, famed Neanderthal author, savages Chimpanzees as violent

Rebecca Wragg Sykes author of Kindred, suggests Bonobos much better model for humans Rebecca Wragg…
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Alfred boost » Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discover of Evolution, recognized as a "moderate" on race realism » Human Evolution News » 1
Human Evolution
January 10, 2023

Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discover of Evolution, recognized as a “moderate” on race realism

Alfred Russel Wallace, a Retrospective, on Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of his Birth Martha…
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JohnHawks everglow » John Hawks bold remarks: Africans' facial morphology is distinctly archaic » Human Evolution News » 2
Race Realism
January 5, 2023

John Hawks bold remarks: Africans’ facial morphology is distinctly archaic

John Hawks harks back to old school physiognomy John Hawks, is a professor of evolutionary…
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BrazilHE concentrate » Homo erectus man of Brazil mystery solved? More likely he has Denisovan DNA » Human Evolution News » 3
January 1, 2023

Homo erectus man of Brazil mystery solved? More likely he has Denisovan DNA

Homo erectus man dubbed by the locals. But now new evidence suggests Denisovan may be…
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Molson Hart
Race Realism
December 27, 2022

Molson Hart, Austin-based entrepreneur and e-commerce guru, blasted by business leaders for pro-white Tweet

Molson Hart ruffles feathers of woke tech and left-biased ecommerce influencers Molson Hart is an…
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