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Our Mission Statement: To present an alternative viewpoint on the study of  evolution, genetics and human origins, one that counters the leftist, woke or globalist agenda.  We expose their lies, debunk their biased reporting, and push back against their propaganda. Subspecieist is the home for dissident paleo-anthropology.  Libertarians and conservatives are welcome here.

Eric Dondero, Site Administrator, Texas USA

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Martha Christina, South Africa, Host of Gab DNA/Genetics group

Alan Van Arsdale – Site Consultant

Alan Van Arsdale, Facebook, Sedimentary Geology and paleontologySanta Barbara, California

Alan Van ArsdaleAuthor, Human Fossil Record and Classification, Google Books

*Note – Alan is a cousin of paleo-anthropologist James Van Arsdale of Welsley University, best known for Dimanisi site Homo erectus.

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Human Subspecies in the Media

July 29, 2019, Scientific American, “The Internet IS a Cesspool of Racist Pseudoscience” by Angela Saini:

Last month, I temporarily deactivated my Twitter account following a colossal dump of racist (sic) abuse into my feed, including a man in Texas [Eric Dondero] whipping up his followers to phone into an NPR radio show on which I was a guest to ask about “white genocide.” [Emphasis added] …

On YouTube, one of the editors of Mankind Quarterly, [Edward Dutton] a pseudoscientific journal founded after the Second World War to argue against desegregation and racial mixing, imitated me by dressing up in an “Indian shirt”… [Emphasis added]

History with Kayleigh, March 23, 2022, YouTube takes Subspecieist to task, “New Human Species From Italy or HOAX? | Homo Sardiniensis”

El Pais, Spain’s largest publication, corrected article on Raymond Dart, as a result of shaming them for their error.   See, our article, “Raymond Dart vindicated as Discoverer of Taung Child; Blunder by Spain’s El Pais, Forced to correct the record” March, 2022

What others are saying about this site

“@ericdondero you are doing some of the most important work to date. A time frame that others overlooked, after the old Physical Anthropologists were silenced and their books no longer recommended. Some of them also came to similar conclusions as you. What you are doing is a good thing. They were heading in the right direction, but you finally cracked the code.” — Martha Christina, South Africa, (Gab)

“An excellent site… [Dondero] knows his genetics and is current… politically incorrect stuff the geneticsts are hiding from you” Paesur Biey

“My major is actually in “biological anthropology” … I completely agree with your scientific premise. It’s hard to deny it without ignoring the definition of the word subspecies. Props for putting it all together.” — Bill DeWitt, UK

“The website’s great. Summarizes the most important and fascinating points and provides links for further study” — Ben Lieberman

“I’m looking at your page and I think it’s excellent”  — Roy Cam, Italy

“Interesting. We need more anthropological publications that openly talk about the scientific background on race realism and of what defines us whites…”

@ericdondero “I’ve been reading your site info page. You strike me as some kind of gentleman scientist… I’m a Veteran, as well. So far I really like the racism vs realism page.” — @ZuzecaSape.

“hi eric your subspeciest site looks great. thanks for watching one of my videos and keep in contact.” — Adrian Dane Kenney, MD, Harvard Univ., Yale Univ. Hospital, Aug. 28, 2019

Social Media

Twitter exchange, January 30, 2019, Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero vs. Anthropologist Spencer Wells

Subject: Neanderthal DNA Test and changes from 2013 in procedures to today.

Twitter exchange, March 26, 2019, Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero vs. Dr. Charles Murray

Subject: Genetic determinism

Twitter exchange, July 27, 2019, Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero vs. BBC documentary celebrity, Prof. Alice Roberts

Subject: Chinese anthropologists flat face features, Chris Stringer article

Site Notes

NPR, Feb. 12, 2020, “Ghost DNA in West Africans Complicates Story of Human Origins”

“We don’t have a clear identity for this archaic group,” Sankararaman says. “That’s why we use the term ‘ghost.’ It doesn’t seem to be particularly closely related to the groups from which we have genome sequences from.”

Science Advances, 2019, “Temporal evidence shows Australopithecus sediba is unlikely to be the ancestor of Homo,”

within pairs of purported hominin ancestor–descendant species, in only one case did the first-discovered fossil in the ancestor postdate that from the descendant, and the age difference between these fossils was much less than the difference observed between A. sediba and earliest Homo. Together, these results suggest it is highly unlikely that A. sediba is ancestral to Homo, and the most viable candidate ancestral species remains Australopithecus afarensis.

Lee Berger, “Australopithecus sediba: A New Species of Homo-Like Australopith from South Africa” pdf. 2010:

Au.sediba in relation to the various species assigned to early Homo. We can conclude that combined craniodental and post-cranial evidence demonstrates that this new species shares more derived features with early Homo than does any other known australopith species Table 1 and table S2) and thus represents a candidate ancestor for the genus, or a sister group to represents a candidate ancestor for the genus, or a sister group to a close ancestor that persisted for some time after the first appearance of Homo.
Genome & Biology, 2021, “Our Tangled Family Tree: New Genomic Methods Offer Insight into the Legacy of Archaic Admixture”
Investigating the variation in Denisovan genome fragments found in AMH genomes revealed that Denisovans were more genetically diverse than Neanderthals, had deep population structure, and that as many as three distinct admixture events from Denisovans into AMH could be identified.