Limbani Chimpanzee Instagram – “Monkey Magic”

InstagramThe video hit early Thursday morning, ‘April 25.  Taking the social media world by storm. It already has thousands of views.

As out of Australia reports, it’s burning up the internet, Chimp “scrolling through Instagram on a smart phone has gone viral.”

Footage of an ape using a smartphone while curiously scrolling through Instagram shows the phrase ‘even a monkey can do it’ might be a little dated.

If Chimpanzees are smart enough to us a smartphone…

The video quickly went viral after being uploaded to Reddit this morning with users saying it could be used to persuade their older relatives to try a smartphone.”

“We underestimate animals…”

Wayne Smith remarks:

Limbani“he is deliberately scrolling through the images and selecting ones that he finds appealing… The level of intellect required to complete what are basic tasks to a human is nothing short of extraordinary in a primate.”

From February 2023,

Why aren’t animals as smart as humans?

Many animals live very differently from us humans. Nonetheless, many of them can communicate danger to each other, teach their young to find food, and play with each other.

But they cannot read books, build skyscrapers, or solve complicated math problems. Many of them have larger brains than us and have been on Earth longer than us, yet they are not smarter than humans. Why not?


We underestimate animals…

Glenn-Peter Sætre is a biologist and researcher on evolution – that is, how animals and plants have evolved on Earth.

“Animals can be very smart, but not necessarily in the same way as us,” he says.

More from 2019:

Limbani is a 2.5-year-old chimpanzee who lives in Miami. He has more than half a million Instagram followers, ever eager for more pictures of him skateboarding, hanging out with other exotic species, or eating popsicles.

The comments below Limbani’s photos are almost universally positive. He is, after all, objectively adorable, and his followers have no reason to think Limbani has anything other than a nice life. And there’s a moral glow that comes with liking a Limbani post, because most of them bear a righteous-sounding hashtag: #notapet.

Video at YouTube.


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