Noah Carl declares himself a “moderate conservative” with occasional libertarian views

Race RealistSt. Edmunds College professor and Cambridge University researcher Noah Carl was fired earlier this year for having attended a conference where race and IQ was discussed.  586 academics signed a letter condemning his views.  He has also been criticized for conducting research showing high immigration rates correlate with higher incidents of crime.

Now in a press release and subsequent interview at,  (May 6) Professor Carl blasts his critics.

“In fact, the contribution of genes to variation in human intelligence has been widely accepted by psychologists since at least 1996, when the report ‘Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns’ was published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Evidence for a genetic contribution to variation in human intelligence has only strengthened since the publication of the APA report.”

See Noah Carl’s research paper, 2018,, “How Stifling Debate Around Race, Genes and IQ Can Do Harm.”

Race Realist

Asked if he attended a “secret “eugenics conference” with ‘Neo-Nazi links'” Carl responds, first, by pointing out Nazis actually opposed IQ tests fearing that Jews would score well.  And then:

Jennifer Doudna“I am not aware of any attendee of the conference who holds “Neo-Nazi” views… My political views vary from one issue to another — on some issues I take more left-wing stances and on some issues more libertarian stances — but overall they reflect those of a moderate conservative.”

Eugenics: a wide ranging definition

Towards the end of the interview, Carl makes a statement on genetic engineering consistent with the views of this website:

“I certainly do not consider myself a “eugenicist”, one should also be aware that ‘eugenics’ encompasses a range of interventions, including some that most people would not consider coercive at all.”

Note – CRISPR (gene splicing) for the purpose of alternating gene alleles to fight cancer or other diseases is widely considered to be a form of eugenics.  See our article here at, “Jennifer Doudna startling revelation to CNN host: With CRISPR babies white traits could be preferred.”

One response to the Prof. Carl’s press release and interview:



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