Melbourne candidate says he’s “not a token”

Meet Professor Mark McMillan of the University of Melbourne.  He is one of a number of candidates seeking a spot on the Melbourne City Council.  He is running on mayor Sally Capp’s ticket.

What makes him special, is he identifies as an Aborigine.  This despite the fact that he has no visual Aborigine features.  He claims his Aboriginal ancestry on his mother’s side.

From, Oct. 23:

AustralianAborigines » Melbourne, Australia "Aboriginal" privileged white man candidate for city council » Human Evolution News » 1“I was interested when Sally approached me to be on her ticket, because it wasn’t just, ‘I want diversity’ … it’s not about white virtue signalling,” he said.

“She actually wants people’s diverse lived experiences to be part of how we govern over the next four years. None of us feel like we’re token.”

It is estimated by geneticists that Aborigines have as much as 7.8% archaic admixture.  It appears much of that is Denisovan, and a small percentage of Homo erectus.  However, there may be an unidentified archaic, as well.

From Cosmos, 2016,

Denisovan DNA found in human genomes

Smatterings of Denisovan DNA are particularly abundant in people from the Melanesian islands of southeast Asia and Oceania. Between 4% and 6% of their genome can be traced to archaic Denisovan ancestors… indigenous Australians also have high levels of Denisovan DNA sprinkled through their genomes.

From ABC News, Australia, 2016,

Aboriginal Australians, Pacific Islanders carry DNA of unknown human species, research analysis suggests

AustraliaLydia » Melbourne, Australia "Aboriginal" privileged white man candidate for city council » Human Evolution News » 2People from Papua New Guinea and north-east Australia carry small amounts of DNA of an unidentified, extinct human species, a new research analysis has suggested.

he analysis suggests the DNA is unlikely to come from Neanderthals or Denisovans, but from a third extinct hominid, previously unknown to archaeologists.

With no hint of irony, another city council person praised McMilan for running as an Aboriginal candidate. Continuing from

Outgoing Melbourne councillor Nicolas Frances Gilley, who first approached Professor McMillan about running for council four years ago, said Indigenous affairs had improved during his time there.

“And now, hopefully, rather than a white guy who wants that engagement, we’ll have an Aboriginal man who is steeped in understanding of social law,” he said.

If elected McMilan will join a growing list of white people serving in public office who are identified as “Aborigines.”

Gunnai and Gunditjmara woman Lidia Thorpe was sworn in as the first Aboriginal senator for Victoria last week. Sheena Watt was also last week sworn in as Victorian Labor’s first female Indigenous MP.

We covered Lidia Thorpe here at back in February of this year,





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