MAGA Trumpfest on the Streets of Beverly Hills, California on Saturday

MAGAPolice blockaded off a couple of streets in downtown Beverly Hills on Saturday.  Trump rallies have grown substantially in the last few weeks. They started at about 100 people back in September.  Now, it looks to be 5,000 or so.  Antifa showed up to counter-protest, but BVPD kept them away from the Trump supporters.

Tents aligned the streets.  Some groups in the tents were giving away free hot dogs.  Gays for Trump had a tent.  Jews for Trump were dancing.  One shirtless man in a limo got into a Pro-Trump frenzy with the crowd.

“Whites need to be the majority in their own countries… just like the Chinese in China.  The Japanese in Japan.”

At 1:50 mines in, the narrator/live streamer asks the man, “okay, you’re going to have to explain this. There are some people who would question a black man holding a sign like this.”

WhiteGenocideisReal » MAGA Live Stream interviews spirited Black Man at Trump Rally -"White Genocide is Real" » Human Evolution News » 1There are people working in government, the media, education that are working to make whites a minority in their own countries.  And what you see, such as here in California, whites are becoming a minority in their own countries.  Hispanics are now the majority.  When I was growing up in the 1990s whites were the majority…

Whites need to have value in themselves…  Just like Chinese need to be a majority in China, Japanese in Japan.  Took me a few years to wrap my head around. But it’s reality.

The narrator cuts away after he mentions the Proud Boys would agree with his view.

90,000 views so far. Watch the exchange at the 1:50 mark at PT News Network.

Reference –, Civic Nationalist or Civ-Nat:

Civic nationalism is a variant of nationalism which values the notion of citizenship over other ethnic or cultural forms of nationalism.

It seeks to create an independent nation that is inclusive in who it accepts as its own citizens, disregarding racial and religious differences, and values diversity.

Reference –, Ethno Nationalist or EthNat:

Advocacy of or support for the political interests of a particular ethnic group, especially its national independence or self-determination.




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