Maximum Genetic Diversity (MGD) meaning the amount of homogeneity in a particular population

Dr. Shi Huang is a former longtime University of California-Davis lab assistant/researcher is now the lead evolutionary scientist with the Central China South University in Hulang Province.

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ShiHuang2 » Maximum Genetic Diversity: Dr. Shi Huang says Asians certainly most advanced, hints Africans closer to Apes » Human Evolution News » 1Dr. Huang is a former Professor of Epigenetics and Evolution, Central South University, (Burnham Institute, UCSD).  Univ. of California San Diego of course, is well known for producing the popular series of human evolution lectures on YouTube.   Dr. Huang is now affiliated with the Central South University – CSU · Center for Medical Genetics in China.

During his early career at the Pew Institute, Dr. Huang [was] “studying the relationship between genetic diversity and epigenetic complexity and its role in common diseases and evolution… We proposed a novel hypothesis of genetic diversity and evolution, the Maximum Genetic Diversity (MGD) hypothesis… Genetic diversity of a species has an upper limit as set up by the epigenetic complexity levels…”

Maximum Genetic Diversity simply means that some modern human races have more homogeneity than others.  And that those races would be furthest removed from the common ancestor of modern Homo sapiens.   Conversely, the race/subspecies closest to the common ancestor would be the population with the greatest genetic diversity.

Dr. Huang has a long history of making controversial remarks that fly in the face of long-established Western narratives on race, genetics and human origins.

This was our highest rated article in three years at Subspeciest, November 30, 2020 with over 8,000 views,

Africans have more archaic, ape like gene variants says controversial geneticist Dr. Shi Huang

Empire of Dust“That Africans carry more ancestral alleles (=archaic or apes) has been well demonstrated by the rooting of phylogenetic trees in Africa for both autosomes and uniparental DNAs by using the outgroup rooting method.  Biological significance of this?  Eerie silence…”

Speculation from various top paleontologists such as John Hawks, Lee Berger, Chris Stringer and others as to the source of that DNA, has centered on likely suspects: Homo Heidelbergensis, Homo ergaster (African Homo erectus) or even late Australopithecene such as A. Sediba or Homo naledi.

Dr. Huang has also received media attention in mainly European publications for his controversial views.  From the (Sweden) Free Times, Jan. 21, 2021,

Chinese genetics professor: Current research shows that Africans are more closely related to chimpanzees

Until the middle of the 20th century, before the current Out of Africa hypothesis was established, scientists believed that humans originated in Asia. The perception was strengthened not least during the 1920s and 1930s in connection with excavations outside Beijing when fossils from the so-called Peking man were found…

Shi remains a supporter of the Out of Asia hypothesis. He believes that it is in Asia that modern humans have their origins and that there may be alternative explanations for why Africans are genetically more closely related to chimpanzees.

We have found the evidence that overturns the Out of Africa hypothesis, Shi claims.

Too politically incorrect to say which modern population is least advanced

On March 29, Dr. Huang again sparked controversy with this remark:

AfricansWhen modern human first appeared in one of the races, that race must be the most distant to apes in DNA and stays as the most distant today. Which is it? East Asian!

Evolution from simple to complex involves a reduction in a taxon’s maximum genetic diversity (MGD). As humans evolved, MGD must be reduced. When modern human first appeared, the race with the lowest MGD must be the first to become modern and should have the lowest MGD today. 

We asked Dr. Huang for some clarification on his March 29 remarks.  Of all the modern Homo sapiens, which subspecies has the highest MGD, and thus less advanced and furthest away from modern humans?

His response:

Of course you know. but it is PC incorrect to say.

Editor’s note – Photos from 2012 documentary “Empire of Dust” on YouTube.


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