On Africans “Eerie silence” from Scientific community on closeness to ape-like archaic Hominids

Dr. Shi Huang

Google Scholar Dr. Huang is a former Professor of Epigenetics and Evolution, Central South University, (Burnham Institute, UCSD).  Univ. of California San Diego of course, is well known for producing the popular series of human evolution lectures on YouTube.   Dr. Huang is now affiliated with the Central South University – CSU · Center for Medical Genetics in China.

During his early career at the Pew Institute, Dr. Huang [was] “studying the relationship between genetic diversity and epigenetic complexity and its role in common diseases and evolution… We proposed a novel hypothesis of genetic diversity and evolution, the Maximum Genetic Diversity (MGD) hypothesis… Genetic diversity of a species has an upper limit as set up by the epigenetic complexity levels…”

On Nov. 26, Shi Huang Tweeted:

“That Africans carry more ancestral alleles (=archaic or apes) has been well demonstrated by the rooting of phylogenetic trees in Africa for both autosomes and uniparental DNAs by using the outgroup rooting method.  Biological significance of this?  Eerie silence…”

In 2011 a research team tackled the precise question of African admixture with archaic hominids.

Michael Hammer (bio) is the Director of the University of Arizona Genetics Core (UAGC) and co-director of the UACC Genomics Shared Resource. He has joint appointments in Departments of Neurology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Also Dr. Jeff Wall, Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (bio) Recent studies have focused on the contribution of archaic hominid ancestry in human populations.

Admixture from Homo naledi in present Africans?

Their findings (PNAS.org, Genetic Evidence for Archaic Admixture in Africans):

ApeMen » Africans have more archaic, ape like gene variants says controversial geneticist Dr. Shi Huang » Human Evolution News » 1Here we use DNA sequence data gathered from 61 noncoding autosomal regions in a sample of three sub-Saharan African populations (Mandenka, Biaka, and San) to test models of African archaic admixture. We use two complementary approximate-likelihood approaches and a model of human evolution that involves recent population structure, with and without gene flow from an archaic population. Extensive simulation results reject the null model of no admixture and allow us to infer that contemporary African populations contain a small proportion of genetic material (≈2%) that introgressed ≈35 kya from an archaic population that split from the ancestors of anatomically modern humans ≈700 kya. [Emphasis added]

Speculation from various top paleontologists such as John Hawks, Lee Berger, Chris Stringer and others has centered on likely suspects: Homo Heidelbergensis, Ergaster or even late Australopithecene, Homo naledi.

Hawks (lecture, 2017):

“We do know that African populations derive some small fraction of their DNA, possibly as much as 5%… from archaic lineages that we haven’t discovered…  What we don’t know is the identity of that lineage… It could be Naledi?”

Svante Pääbo on a possible archaic mix (lecture, 2018):

“There’s some indications of that in the genomes of present day Africans.”

And most recently, 2019, Arun Durvasula and Sriram Sankararaman from the University of California in Los Angeles confirmed up to 19% archaic Hominid DNA in modern Africans.  They have described the ancestor as a “ghost species” or quite possibly Homo naledi a “small-brained hominin” on the “African plains 250,000 years ago.” (IFL Science)

But as Professor Shi Huang implies, as the answer to the puzzle gets closer to being solved, an “eerie silence” has overtaken the paleontology, genetics and anthropology communities.

UPDATE!  Dr. Shi Huang continues to bring worldwide attention to controversial views in paleo-anthropology.  His latest from Twitter, dated October 23, 2021:

Great to see China rejecting the pseudoscience Out of Africa, which is based on loose sand, the flawed neutral DNA assumption. Xinhua News: 探寻文明根脉 筑牢自信根基——致敬中国考古百年求索, 中国人是本土连续演化而来

The article references new dating from a Hominid skull to 300,000 years ago, found in a Chinese cave.


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  • 4mypeople says:

    Based Shi!!

    • Eric says:

      NOTE: 4mypeople has a YouTube show on Neanderthals. Good stuff. Though, his show is not as good as it once was. Scroll back to a year ago, his shows on Neanderthals were superb.

  • edin says:

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  • Anton Mercer says:

    Niggers should be all over this. At least it gives them a plausible excuse for their lack of humanity.

    Editor’s note – We choose not to use the term “N*ggers” here at this website, but believe it should not be censored.

    • John doe says:

      We’ve known Blacks aren’t people for years now.

      Within the last 100 years we’ve gone from understanding that the races are different in almost every way, and that their are only two sexes, to “one race the human race” and there are 79 genders. We’ve gone from believing our own eyes, to denying what’s directly in front of us.

    • TIGGS BENOIT says:

      How would they know? They are not the studious kind.

  • David says:

    What we all already knew just from our personal experiences that these people are very, very different.

    • Erasmus1987 says:

      Everyone with half a brain already knew this due to basic pattern recognition.
      There’s even been gorillas smarter than many blacks.
      Niggers are literally not human and this information should be spread everywhere like the plague.

      • Eric says:

        What is human? How are you defining human? We are all Homo sapiens, all 7.5 billion of us alive today. Those of us who are white, ethnic Euros are Homo sapien-Neanderthalis. We are exceptional in that we are the ONLY humans with exclusively Neanderthal DNA admixture. Africans have archaic admixture. Asians have Homo erectus and Denisovan. Papuans, Aborigines have Homo erectus, Denisovan and ghost archaic.

        Better than saying Africans “are not human,” you say, Africans are not Homo sapien-Neanderthalis. They are likely Homo sapien-Australopithecines or Homo sapien-naledi. They are fellow modern Hominids. Not like us, but same genus of Homo.

        • Kay Kovacs says:

          Yes, they are very much human. But if science followed the same rules they do for classifying animals, there is enough difference in African genes that they would be assigned to a separate species.

        • HOMINID says:

          I agree here. Why is everybody so afraid to be a primate? It is more embarrassing to see someone desperate not to be derived of primates as all humans are. There are different needs for different people….and different environments. I love primates and they are cute! There is archaic hominim DNA dispersed throughout all races of humankind. African Americans were brought to America by supposedly “advanced” Europeans, but there’s not much advanced about carting people over on a ship and selling them like pets. All humans are derived from primates so what is THE BIG DEAL. These so called archaic hominim genes would not exist in modern populations if they were not interchangeable. Eat some bananas and shut up about being a hominid or not. Who likes bananas? Oh NO, must be a hominid if so.

    • Maumant says:

      Exactly. Races are diffrent. Race mixing is a retarded act. Even though Achaemenids were kind to non Aryans, they did not marry non-Iranid Aryans.
      This is race-protection, not race hate that BLM is saying.

  • Johnny says:

    Finally some posting about this discovery

    • Eric says:

      Thank you so much for that comment. It means a great deal to me.

    • Erasmus1987 says:

      “Hello my fellow archaic Homo-Naledi “human””…
      You literally wrote an article about them being less human and more hominid. “Archaic DNA” and “Ghost DNA” are euphemisms for said fact, which is more than enough to at least consider them different species.
      Your relativist angle of “humans are whatever i want” doesn’t change the fact that niggers are proto-humans.

      • HOMINID says:

        Humans are primates, proto human or not. All humans have archaic DNA or you WOULD NOT BE HERE. Environment shapes many alleles. Not everyone is good looking in any race or continent.

    • Normandie Kent says:

      Bull!! Europeans are not the only people to have Neanderthal DNA, all populations outside of Africa has Neanderthal ancestry! Native Americans have the most, then Siberians, East Asians, and then Europeans. Only some populations have both like the Melanesians.

      • Eric says:

        I call BULLSHIT to your “Bull.” You’re talking little weasel Joshua Akey nonsense. We’ve chronicled here extensively how that rat bastard is a liar. He purposely came out with that study a year ago, to make it seem that Kumbaya all humans are the same, look even Africans have Neanderthal. Only certain populations of Neanderthal DNA and they seem to be limited to coastal and northern African regions. Most now agree that came from later colonization admixture from whites. Even Akey never asserted that the San, Mbuti and some Sub-Saharan African tribes have Neanderthal. Indeed, we did an entire article here at this site, quoting his top assistant admitting that Sub-S Afros don’t have Neanderthal DNA.

        I appreciate you commenting here. But quite frankly Sir, you are severely incorrect. Have a nice day.

      • Eric says:

        Dude, like I don’t mean to rub it in or nothing, I sincerely don’t mean to embarrass you on this top-rated human evolution site, but in the interests of accuracy and intellectual development of my readers, I feel I must. Here’s the article on Joshua Akey’s lab assistant admitting on Twitter that Sub-Saharan Africans may not have Neanderthal DNA.



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  • Facts Over Emotions says:

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