Rapper T.I. – “Cuzz kind of favored that gorilla” (emoji) —

Comparing Afro-ethnic Americans to primates can almost always cause trouble, even if it’s an accidental slip of the tongue.

Her remarks and subsequent on-air teary-eyed apology a day later has been tearing up Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and comments sections in the entertainment media for two days.

From Black News, Aug. 28:

GorillaLast week, Housden and Hackett, who were anchors at KOCO 5 News, were covering a story about Fin, a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo that recently went viral on Instagram after its caretaker took over their account.

Housden was talking about the story and said, “Now as you can see, Fin was fascinated by the camera.”

Hackett fondly replied, “You can tell that he was ready for his close-up.”

But then, Housden suddenly said, “[He] kinda looks like you.”

But not everyone agrees.

Urban video blogger Hyde Reactz, says “You got your modern day civil rights leader T.I. says this man look like a gorilla.  Now there’s a lot of sentiments that say this man do look like a gorilla…”

StraightfromThea.com, Aug. 28:

Rapper Clifford “T.I” Harris is known for his “Us or Else” mentality when it comes to racial issues but apparently that doesn’t apply to White women who feel dark skinned Black men look like gorillas.

The popular entertainer hit the ‘gram recently to express his thoughts about KOCO-TV’s morning anchor, Alex Housden.

Rapper T.I.

Comedian Joel Runnels, Jr. (YouTube) chimed in on his video channel:

“But umm….  He do look like that gorilla though…

C’mon black people.  Y’all need to cut it out.  It ain’t no racism. She just said something. And it’s really funny. And it’s true. Dude look like the baby gorilla. And that’s okay.”


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