Adrian Dane KennyAdrian Dane Kenny – “We evolved from other apes, other hominids.  We are apes.. it’s not a derogatory thing, it’s just a fact”

According to his bio on Google, Dr. Kenny was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School.  He is an intern at Yale New Haven Hospital and Waterbury Hospital with the Yale Primary Care Program.  He is also the author of “Waiting for Death” available on Amazon.

Adrian Dane Kenny from YouTube Blog, August 17, 2019:

Kenny begins by referencing “Lamarck, Darwin, Race Realists and Steven [sic] Coon.” [Carleton Coon].

“Race is definitely real. I do know some anthropologists speak against the reality of race, just a social construct, but after researching… I started to realize there really are differences. There are white people who are very white… and there are black people who are clearly very black.”

Whites are a subspecies, “just as the black race can be a subspecies.”


Macaques“I subscribe to Out of Africa…  the white race really left Sub-Saharan Africa much earlier than the black race. And quite honestly the black race didn’t leave on their own accord.  They were brought out of Africa as slaves… So the white race migrated north through the Arabian Peninsula… settled in Europe, the British Isles…  a subspecies, a subspecies of humanity.  Just as the black race can be a subspecies. It doesn’t mean they are different species, just means they are different clines…” [Emphasis added]

“I’ve concluded that all white people are related to the Rhesus Macaque… this is kind of my conclusion… Every Rhesus Macaque has white skin.  And I do know there’s a lot of pictures of Rhesus Macaque on the internet that have white skin.  And those pictures are real…. I just haven’t had the resources to do a study… how many are white skinned, how many are dark skinned and what are the other skin monkeys…

Anyway the point is whites, Caucasians are more related to Rhesus Macaque.  This is kind of my conclusion, kind of my hypothesis now.  Whereas black-skinned humans are more closely related to gorillas.  And that’s the biggest divide.” [Emphasis added]

Dr. Kenny goes on to talk about the differences in noses between whites and blacks, pointing out that whites for the most part have “pointier” noses.

“There’s genetic and phenotypic variation on noses… it’s all because of evolution… Whereas blacks have broader noses. No doubt about that.  There are blacks, black-skinned people who do have straight-ish noses, more European looking noses too.  But again that has to do with convergent and divergent homologous evolution.”


“My big takeaway from all this, my conclusions is that whites are a subspecies of humans… the black tribes [from Africa] are also a subspecies of humans. They’re both subspecies of humans, and both can interbreed.  But they’re clines really.  Clines is the word they like to use in the literature. [Emphasis added]

Note – Clines: a gradation in one or more characteristics within a species or other taxon, especially between different populations.




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