Pew Research – Whites got most test answers right: Blacks, Hispanics scored poorly

Just released…  Pew Research (April 2) gave an on-line test to some 6,000 participants.  Pew asked respondents to list their ethnicity.  They even had a startling headline, “Whites know more about Science” in a release reporting their results.

Pew Research“U.S. racial and ethnic groups vary significantly in their knowledge of science-related issues, according to a new Pew Research Center surveythat quizzed Americans about subjects ranging from life and physical sciences to numeracy and chart reading.

About half of whites (48%) got at least nine of 11 questions correct. In comparison, much smaller shares of Hispanics (23%) and blacks (9%) correctly answered at least nine of the questions.”

Race & IQ: “Large differences”

Biggest differences on the survey came on math-related questions, along the lines of “a car traveling 40 mph travels 30 miles in 45 minutes…?”  68% of Whites answered that question correctly, only 23% of Blacks.


Bell CurveThere were large differences by race and ethnicity across all the individual science knowledge questions in the survey. For example, 46% of whites correctly identified the main components of antacids as bases. In comparison, one-quarter of Hispanics and 16% of blacks got the correct answer on this question. And 88% of whites correctly answered that antibiotic resistance is a major concern of antibiotic overuse, while 62% of Hispanics and 53% of blacks answered this question correctly.

One final point of interest: Republicans and Democrats scored about the same on the test (Science 2.0)

“Races have significant group differences…”

Quote from Charles Murray:

Those of us who want to defend the American creed have been unwilling to say openly that races have significant group differences. Since we have been unwilling to say that, we have been defenseless against claims that racism is to blame for unequal outcomes. What else could it be? We have been afraid to answer candidly.

Editor’s note – I took the test.  It was actually quite fun and a little challenging.  I scored 10 out of 11.  It was the 10th question on erosion and farming that I got wrong.

Take the test here.  Report your results in comments.

Ref. – Cover art of Race & Mind, book by A. Alland, includes chapters on race realism anthropologists like Carleton Coon and Robert Ardrey.  At Amazon.


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