Whites got most test answers right: Blacks, Hispanics scored poorly

Just released…  Pew Research (April 2) gave an on-line test to some 6,000 participants.  Pew asked respondents to list their ethnicity.  They even had a startling headline, “Whites know more about Science” in a release reporting their results.

“U.S. racial and ethnic groups vary significantly in their knowledge of science-related issues, according to a new Pew Research Center surveythat quizzed Americans about subjects ranging from life and physical sciences to numeracy and chart reading.

About half of whites (48%) got at least nine of 11 questions correct. In comparison, much smaller shares of Hispanics (23%) and blacks (9%) correctly answered at least nine of the questions.”

Biggest differences on the survey came on math-related questions, along the lines of “a car traveling 40 mph travels 30 miles in 45 minutes…?”  68% of Whites answered that question correctly, only 23% of Blacks.

One final point of interest: Republicans and Democrats scored about the same on the test (Science 2.0)

Editor’s note – I took the test.  It was actually quite fun and a little challenging.  I scored 10 out of 11.  It was the 10th question on erosion and farming that I got wrong.   Take the test here.  Report your results in comments.



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