Neanderthal DNA a net benefit for Whites says editor of Filthy Monkey Men

Neanderthal DNA provides a boost in brain power for indigenous Europeans?

As reported by our friends at Filthy Monkey Men, Adam Benton, Jan 29,

We have more Neanderthal ancestry than we thought

Adam Benton“In 2017 we found a second complete Neanderthal genome, revealing that some of human “parent’s” genes were Neanderthal all along. Ultimately, this wound up showing that non-African Neanderthal ancestry was ~20% higher than we thought. …

Researchers have been underestimating the amount of Neanderthal DNA in non-African populations. New work helps fix this problem, confirming we have ~20% more Neanderthal DNA than expected… small amount overall (<5%).”

Benton is a graduate student/researcher at the University of Liverpool. From his bio:

Adam was awarded a BSc in Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Liverpool and later on recieved an MSc in Palaeanthropology, also from the University of Liverpool.

Outside of his studies, Adam is involved in delivering lectures at public events around the North West. In addition to this, Adam contributes toward the human evolution website “Filthy Monkey Men”.

Now this from, Jan. 29,

Neanderthal Genes Influenced Modern Human Brain Development

“The strongest evidence they [Max Plank Inst.] found for effects on gene activity were in the basal ganglia and cerebellum, which receive direct input from the motor cortex and regulate movement.”

This is a critical region of the brain, responsible for cognitive functions.

“The basal ganglia are associated with a variety of functions, including control of voluntary motor movements, procedural learning, habit learning, eye movements, cognition, and emotion.”  — Google definitions

Whites are the only modern human sub-species with exclusively Neanderthal DNA.  Asians have admixture with Denisovan and Homo erectus.  Africans have zero Neanderthal or Denisovan.

Note – Image H/t Adam Benton of the Filthy Monkey Men blog.

Filthy Monkey MenUPDATE!

Associate Professor Benton later admitted to Subspeciest editors that modern Europeans have as much as 6% Neanderthal DNA.

Liverpool Assoc. Prof concedes modern humans as high as 6% Neanderthal DNA Editor Eric Dondero and Contributing Editor Paesur Bay had an exchange with Adam Benton on Twitter on May 14.  Benton generally takes an anti-Race Realist view, believing that Homo sapiens have the least DNA variation of all modern primate species.

After repeated queries, Benton conceded that modern European ethnics could be as high as 6% Neanderthal DNA.  Ph.D candidate Benton agreed with the standard line of 2 to 4%, but then added that it could be “a bit higher,” than 4%, possibly by 1 to 2%.


Since we wrote this piece originally, Neanderthal DNA is back in the news in a big way.  Excerpt from our piece, October 2020,

COVID racial variance: Major media admit due to 1 to 5% Neanderthal DNA

Swedish geneticist Svante Pääbo, a favorite of this site, has been all over the media in the last few days for recognizing genetic differences among races for susceptibility to the COVID virus.  A paper has been released by Pääbo and his colleague at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany…

The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals…

The summary from

Neanderthal DNAA recent genetic association study1 identified a gene cluster on chromosome 3 as a risk locus for respiratory failure upon SARS-CoV-2 infection. A new study2 comprising 3,199 hospitalized COVID-19 patients and controls finds that this is the major genetic risk factor for severe SARS-CoV-2 infection and hospitalization (COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative). Here, we show that the risk is conferred by a genomic segment of ~50 kb that is inherited from Neanderthals and is carried by ~50% of people in South Asia and ~16% of people in Europe today.

As a result, mainstream media and science media are acknowledging, perhaps inadvertently, major tenets of race realism.

Pääbo is quoted in the UK Daily Mail, Sept. 30:

“It is striking that the genetic heritage from Neanderthals has such tragic consequences during the current pandemic.’

Oddly, the chromosomal variant impacts south Asians, specifically Bangladeshis, more than Europeans who have similar percentages of Neanderthal DNA.

Note – Svante Paabo won the Nobel Peace Prize for his Genetics Research in Oct. 2022.


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