Children’s book by New York author claims whites are privileged

A children’s book published two years ago has been garnering attention on Twitter as of late.  A thread developed on race realism. An account with 72,000 followers, Way of the World posted excerpts of the book, prompting 37 responses.

Jessica Ralli  The book is called Our Skin and the author is (((Jessica Ralli))). Here’s another page.

Typical responses:

Samantha Sunflower: Wow, this book is basically a racial hate crime against whites


Sarah Tishkfoff is regarded as one of the top, if not the top population geneticist in the world.

From her bio at American Academy of Natural Sciences:

Sarah Tishkoff is the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor in Genetics and Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, holding appointments in the School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences. She is also Director of the Penn Center for Global Genomics and Health Equity.

Dr. Tishkoff studies genomic and phenotypic variation in ethnically diverse Africans. Her research combines fieldwork, laboratory research, and computational methods to examine African population history and how genetic variation can affect a wide range of traits – for example, why humans have different susceptibility to disease, how they metabolize drugs, and how they adapt through evolution.

From WHYY PBS Philadelphia, July 2019,

What is race? It isn’t skin color, as some young people are learning

Tishkoff asks the students how people classify race, and one immediately puts up his hand. His answer: skin color.

“And that’s what I hear at every undergraduate course I’ve lectured in: Whenever we talk about this, first thing that people say is skin color,” Tishkoff says. “And we’re able to show that that’s just a terrible classifier of race because skin color is an adaptive trait.”

Tishkoff further explains:

Populations adapt to how much ultraviolet light they’re exposed to over generations. Thus we have different skin colors. And genetically, that has absolutely no connection to other traits, like intelligence.

Rather than skin color, anthropologists and geneticists are now moving towards morphological species concept or the lineage species concept, often called phylogeny.  In these alternative systems, classifications are based on different physiological traits not on one single trait like pigmentation.

From UC Davis

The lineage species concept defines species as groups of organisms that share a pattern of ancestry and descent and which form a single branch on the tree of life (Fig 3). This concept focuses more on the evolutionary history that has shaped the species as we see it today, and increasingly relies on genetic data to assign individuals to species. The lineage species concept resolves some of the problems of the biological species concept since it can be applied to asexual species and those for which detailed reproductive behavioral data are unavailable. It’s reliance on genetic data makes it also difficult to apply to long-extinct species; however, recent advances in genetic analysis have allowed scientists to extract DNA from recently extinct organisms such as Neanderthals and wooly mammoths. Scientists using the lineage species concept must still consider what type and magnitude of genetic differences, and in what portions of the genome, constitute different species and must employ modern computational tools to manage the increasingly large datasets produced in genetic analyses.

But as her author bio states, Ms. Ralli is an “educator” and a writer.  According to her biographical material she has now training in anthropology, or even basic biology.


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  • Duncan says:

    No, this social deviate shouldn’t have her books banned.

    But passing on her self-loathing to developing youths should not be permitted and I would shed no tears if she were hung at Guantanamo for child abuse.

  • Duncan says:

    According to Tishkoff, skin color is “just a terrible classifier of race because skin color is an adaptive trait. . . . Genetically, that has absolutely no connection to other traits, like intelligence.”

    This is what happens when self-proclaimed “scientists” drive out of their lane into ideological dogma.

    While it is true that “race” can be an amorphous term with fluctuating operational definition depending on who is using it and why, that doesn’t mean it does not exist.

    ALL genetic distinctions are the product and the effect of “adaptive traits.” Skin color is not exempt from that, and we can scientifically identify the exact gene that produces it.

    Folks with “black” skin color are genetically more prone to suffer from sickle cell anemia not BECAUSE of their skin color, but because the genetic heritage of their ancestral populations that had that disease susceptibility ALSO had black skin.

    The truth is that because of the natural selection of populations, an individual trait frequently presents in a suite with other identifiable characteristics.

    Because of the nature of population genetics, phenotypical stereotypes can and do exist. Recognizing and identifying them is appropriate when corroborated by scientific evidence. Denying them is a prejudicial ideological choice committed out of ignorance, bad faith, or other extraneous purpose.

  • DAS says:

    heres an idea, omit white hating culturalists from using any bodies of knowledge in any form. see what they have left to read or teach from. NOTHING without euro centric books etc.

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