Neanderthal Man has been secluded for years, huddled in the forests of the northeast Canadian coast

He has been making videos from an undisclosed location on the northeast Canadian coast for the last 2 years.  On July 7, 4MyPeople revealed himself on camera: “Morning coffee stream with a Neanderthal.”

4MyPeopleHe has 1.250 subscribers.  Typically he gets about 250 to 300 views per video.  His Live Chats can be quite intense and wide ranging.  He’s been labeled Alt Right by some. But he clearly separates himself from hateful white supremacists.

4MyPeople’s magnum opus, so to speak, is The Out of Neanderthal Theory (Origins of Modern Humans), 2018:

“So, basically we are all the same species, essentially.  But we are all a different Subspecies of each other. Kind of like dogs and wolves, right. Dogs and wolves can interbreed, but they most generally choose not too.”

From his latest YouTube video, “Morning coffee stream with a Neanderthal”, July 10:

“Good to see my face [To Live Chatter].  I think I broke the camera. Yeah, well, I guess I’ll just be streaming, showing my face. I don’t care anymore. We have to speak up [against the radical left]…

Me my problem is with the science, the fact that they’re trying to say that modern Europeans are not descended from ancient Europeans. [Like] Cro-magnons aren’t descended from Neanderthals. I mean look at me.  Come on, right… short little legs, long torso.”

Highest Neanderthal percentage for a Homo sapien ever recorded?

4MyPeople has taken various DNA tests including 23 and Me, and claims over 9% Neanderthal DNA from one Genome company, 4-5% originally from 23andMe.  (Note – 23andMe have since revised their scoring). Typical European ethnics range from 1.5% to 2.1% Neanderthal.  But higher than 5% Neanderthal is not unheard of.

Canadian Coast“Whenever I run my DNA from GedMatch it’s almost unchanged from 40,000 years ago.”

From, 2018:

The percentage has gone up in recent years. They used to say no one had more than 2–3% Neanderthal DNA, but now they’re saying up to 5%.

I have 280 Neanderthal DNA variants, which is less than 4%, and that’s more Neanderthal DNA than 54% of the 23andMe customers, which would make me about average. — H. Greenwood Hansma, scientist, Top Quora Writer, 2018, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

4% is on the high side of normal, while 5% is the highest I’ve heard of. Writer and journalist James Fallows once famously tested at 5% in 2012. However, the science on this has come a long way since then. — Tim Kaye

Ref: The Atlantic 2012, “At 5% Neanderthal, You are an Outlier” by James Fallows.

I have an unusually large share of Neanderthal DNA (5%) in my genetic makeup.

From, 2017, research paper including, Svante Pääbo,

A high-coverage Neanderthal genome from Vindija Cave in Croatia

We find that non-African populations outside Oceania carry between 1.8-2.6% Neandertal DNA (Fig. 4A), higher than previous estimates of 1.5-2.1% (2). As described (25), East Asians carry somewhat more Neandertal DNA (2.3-2.6%) than people in Western Eurasia (1.8-2.4%).

In 2017, Johannes Krause and Joshua Akey, two paleoanthropologists/genetics whom we cover often here at, examined the famous Ötzi.

From Jackson Laboratory, 2017:

John HawksÖtzi the Iceman, whose surprisingly well-preserved corpse was discovered in the Alps in 1991. Because of the quality of his body’s preservation, Ötzi, who lived around 5000 years ago, has provided a remarkably clear genomic glimpse into Europe’s past. In 2012, geneticists sequenced and analyzed Ötzi’s genome sequence, comparing it to modern Europeans. The team found that Ötzi’s genome is similar to modern Sardinians…

John Hawks also examined his DNA, from

If we took as a baseline that Europeans have an average of 3.5 percent Neandertal, Ötzi would have around 5.5 percent. He has substantially greater sharing with Neandertals than any other recent person we have ever examined.

Hawks later added clarification in his blog, 2012:

The true fraction of Neandertal ancestry in the Ötzi genome is elevated slightly compared to the average European but still within the range of living people, and somewhat closer to the average East Asian today…

How much Neandertal ancestry is present in living people must depend on a more complex model of mixture among later populations. The result will still be small (probably less than 6 percent) but understanding this proportion will help us to evaluate when and where Neandertal genes flowed into our populations.

4MyPeople a modern day Ötzi?


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  • 4mypeople says:

    Not bad Eric but a few edits needed, the Website I use to run Genomes is called Gedmatch not Dead match, I got 9.57 % Neanderthal by using Felix Chandrakumars Neanderthal Calculator but 23and me originally gave me 295 Variants which was 4-5% Neanderthal but has since lowered my score to 2% for some reason. I have found some DNA tools that allow whole genome comparison that will settle this debate once and for all that I’ll be doing some videos about, if I find more errors in the article I’ll suggest more edits but overall not bad thanks man

  • Eric says:

    Oh, my! 9.57% Neanderthal. You are Mr. Neanderthal. I will make that change right away.

  • I really like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and
    reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  • 4mypeole ,i’ve been watching you for years .

    I’ve been thinking along your lines for a long time .

    Always wondered why if Africans migrated out of Africa where are all the African skeletons, there should be tons of African skeleton morphology spread out all over Europe dating back as far 45-190 k .

    But there isn’t ,it all a lie !

    Some where back in the 1980′ ? , the Globalist decided everyone is from Africa ,where’s all the Skeletons showing the African swamping out the neanderthal .

    Another thing The Morocco African Skull archaic 300k ago looked neanderthal and is Homo Sapiens.
    The 200k skulls have higher forehead and evolved into Another version of Homo Sapiens .

    So why couldn’t Neanderthals have just evolved all on their own into a more modern version of Neanderthal -in other words Modern Europeans .

    I use to tell my wife – how could Neanderthals not be Europeans -us .

    The Whole out of Africa -still push by mainstream science is a lie .

    Thanks for all your hard work on this topic , neanderthalson

  • Erik says:

    Now that we know(?) that 2003 “complete” Human Genome , was actually short by 8%, and we’ll have the real complete Human Genome by the end of this year, can we trust that we are getting the truth this time, or even if we got any of the truth last time?

    Or, has it taken 20 years for them to arrange a politically correct “Human Genome,” for public consumption, that won’t knock over the establishment apple cart, view of Human evolution and genetic research, and Out of Africa lies?

    Did Lee Berger really have to lose weight to get through the narrow entrance of the Dinaledi chamber in the Rising Star Cave, when a diamond chop saw could easily created a space that even a three hundred pounder to could get through with little damage to the site, or did he need time to create a narrative to cover for the establishment theories, that are more and more in conflict with new evidence, particularly in genetic research.

    So, how much new evidence will we find, in the missing 8% genome material for how much Neanderthal genetics is in modern Humans, and are they ever going to study, and report on what all that “Junk Genetics” they found really is?

    The NIH and some scientific peer reviewed genetic journals are outright banning all content on information that compares racial differences, and that since they are banning that material to public view, isn’t that a clear admission from them, that they do indeed have evidence that large racial differences exist, and they don’t want us to know that truth?

    Are we at another point in history, that only “Official Science” is acceptable, and Soviet style Lysenkoism has taken over again. and real science is politically incorrect, and they want to imprison, and burn the heretics who tell the scientific truth?

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