Sanctuary Prop 205

Sanctuary Prop 205

Back in August pro-illegal alien activist Zaira Livier called Trump supporters “racist and inhumane” for opposing the People’s Defense Initiative, granting more rights to foreigners than American natives. (Twitter photo – right)

From the Tucson Sentinel, Aug. 16,

Judge tosses challenge to Tucson ‘sanctuary city’ initiative

 group of local Republicans sued to block the initiative, alleging that not enough valid signatures had been submitted, and that the city’s initiative procedures violated state law and the Arizona Constitution… [A Judge’s] ruling found that the city’s laws and procedures were in compliance with state law, and that the initiative backers hadn’t filed invalid petitions as the Republicans had asserted.

The judge’s “ruling in our favor clears the way for Tucson to finally choose to protect our family members, neighbors and co-workers from the dangerous, racist and inhumane policies of the Trump administration,” Livier said in a news release Friday.

Tuesday night, the final vote against Proposition 205 was 58,820 71.4% opposed, 23,562 29% in favor.  Even the entire Tucson City Council opposed Prop. 205.  That included the City’s newly elected first Hispanic female mayor Regina Romero.  Chamber of Commerce and Tucson business interests fretted over loss of revenue and a souring economic climate if the proposition had passed.

Conservative media and right-wing activists nationwide rejoiced over the Tucson results.

From the Daily Signal, Nov. 7,

Tucson Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Sanctuary City Proposal

In a major defeat for illegal alien advocates, voters in Tucson, Arizona, overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to designate it as the state’s one and only “sanctuary city.”

Tucson voters on Tuesday resoundingly opposed an initiative, known as Proposition 205, that would have given sweeping protections to illegal aliens and prohibited local law enforcement from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

One commenter at Daily Signal dryly noted,

dem policies such as sanctuary cities now has a track record..California. No one wants to be California.

Who’s laughing now?

Back in August when it appeared the Pro-Illegal Immigration forces were on a roll, local and national media mocked anti-Illegal activists.

From Newsweek, Aug. 7,

Trump supporters laughed out of Tucson City Council meeting over ‘Sanctuary City’ vote

A man and woman donning gear supporting President Donald Trump were laughed out of a city council meeting in Tucson, Arizona as they ranted against immigrants and proposed plans to designate Tucson as the state’s first so-called “sanctuary city” on Tuesday.

 The pro-Trump couple present at Tuesday’s meeting made it clear they were among the opponents of the Tucson “sanctuary city” vote.

The couple held up a pair of signs reading, “Respect Our Laws or We Will Deport You! No Sanctuary For Criminals!” as the woman in a “Make America Great Again” red trucker hat yelled into her phone and at pro-immigration attendees.

“Follow our laws or go home,” the MAGA hat-wearing woman, identified online as Jennifer Harrison, yelled over the discussion…

Anti-Illegal Alien free college tuition video from Jennifer Harrison (featured photo), Feb. 19, 2019.



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