Rasmus PaludanRasmus Paludan – Pro-Danish, Pro-Gay Rights, Anti-Islamist

The latest polls has Rasmus’ Paludan’s Hardline Party polling 2.8%.  The Party only needs 2% to enter Denmark’s Parliament.  Danish elections experts predict, Hardline will easily pass the threshold.  Denmark has two other right-wing parties, Venstre and far right Danish People’s Party.  A rightist governing coalition is seen as increasingly likely post election, which will be held June 5.

Paludan’s party is pro-gay rights, pro-Jewish, and libertarian on social matters.  He recently attended a gay rights rally in Copenhagen.   He donned gay rights attire.

He fiercely anti-Muslim immigrant.  Paludan supports repatriation of all Muslim refugees in Denmark.  He often criticizes Muslim birth rates, and warns of an incoming wave and replacement population.

Paludan is a showman.  He’s been described as clownish.

From I24News.com, May 10:

Extreme right party accused of Nazi ties to enter Danish parliament

“Paludan denies having any associations with Nazism, calling it “groundless” and that he won’t accept being labeled as a Nazi.

In a debate on live Danish TV on Wednesday, Paludan said former Danish lawmaker, Mimi Jakobsen “reminded him of Adolf Hitler more than anyone in the world,” causing wide condemnation from commentators and lawmakers across the political spectrum.

The TV channel, Danish Radio (DR), was condemned for not ending the interview after Paludan’s Nazi accusation.”

Also, from Bt.dk.com,

Shaken Mimi Jakobsen was called ‘nazi pig’ by Rasmus Paludan – now she police him

‘”She reminds me most of Adolf Hitler all over the world. You are a Nazi pig yourself, ”said Rasmus Paludan, who also asked Mimi Jakobsen to leave DR’s study.”

Watch a full interview with the legacy Counter-Jihad blog Vlad Tepes.   Paludan describes how he was hit with a rock by a leftist during a campaign event.


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