Atlanta Weather Gal “Subliminal Racism” ??

Ella Dorsey, former model, now evening news meteorologist for CBS 46 in Atlanta compared African park rangers’ posture and facial expressions to the gorillas they guard in the Congo.  During a segment discussing the now viral photo, Dorsey remarked:  “Isn’t it amazing? You can see the similarities between you and them.”

According to Yahoo News, reaction from Atlanta viewers was not positive:

One viewer, Maya Teague, who witnessed the moment live, wrote on Twitter, “WOW! You notice the similarities between an African man and a gorilla? Focus on the weather, Sunshine.” Teague then tagged the show’s anchor Gables, who is a woman of color, adding, “Please educate your coworkers on subliminal #racism.”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  April 25, Dorsey (Follow on Twitter), felt regret for what some saw as on-air gaffe:

“I meant sililarities[sic] in Thomas’s posture and the gorilla. I never meant between the man and the gorilla. Sorry if I offended you! Thank you for watching.”

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