Ajaluk » Popular MAGA Trump YouTube hosts Red-Pilled on Solutreans as First Americans » Human Evolution News » 1“A group of people called Solutreans crossed the Atlantic ice to East Coast of America 14,000 years ago.” October 28, 2019 Ajaluk (@AndersenAngus) Twitter, the Urgan Inuk, 14.3 followers

Solutrean hypothesis has been receiving renewed interest with new archaeological evidence emerging complicating the original narrative of populating of the North American continent.

NatGeo, Jan. 2018:

A baby girl who lived some 11,500 years ago survived for just six weeks in the harsh climate of central Alaska, but her brief life is providing a surprising and challenging wealth of information to modern researchers…

The baby’s DNA showed that she belonged to a population that was genetically separate from other native groups present elsewhere in the New World at the end of the Pleistocene. Ben Potter, the University of Alaska Fairbanks archaeologist who unearthed the remains at the Upward River Sun site in 2013 , named this new group “Ancient Beringians.”

From ScienceMag, 2013:

Solutreans3 » Popular MAGA Trump YouTube hosts Red-Pilled on Solutreans as First Americans » Human Evolution News » 2Now comes a surprising twist, from the complete nuclear genome of a Siberian boy who died 24,000 years ago—the oldest complete genome of a modern human sequenced to date. His DNA shows close ties to those of today’s Native Americans. Yet he apparently descended not from East Asians, but from people who had lived in Europe or western Asia. The finding suggests that about a third of the ancestry of today’s Native Americans can be traced to “western Eurasia,” with the other two-thirds coming from eastern Asia, according to a talk at a meeting* here by ancient DNA expert Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen. It also implies that traces of European ancestry previously detected in modern Native Americans do not come solely from mixing with European colonists, as most scientists had assumed, but have much deeper roots.

“The mysterious people known as Paleo-Indians, whom some believe were actually Europeans known as Solutreans, inhabited the area 10,000-14,000 years ago. Native peoples have lived here ever since.” — Joe Barrera, Ph.D., is the former director of the Ethnic Studies Program at UCCS, Colorado Gazette, Nov. 7, 2019

Now, Solutrean hypothesis is even gaining adherents in mainstream politics. On the November 30 broadcast of Trump team MAGA Coalition, while discussing Thanksgiving, (30 minute mark):

Adam Gingrich, Co-host: I want them [my kids] to have that shield of knowing that my beliefs that were passed down to me from my parents and grandparents, which is every bit as powerful as your religion. Your respect for your lineage, is just not altogether different than your religion.   And it’s not about, don’t introduce to me terms about ethno-nationalism or whatever.  You know the only ethno-nationalists that can possibly exist in America?  You know who they are?  Native Americans.

Glenn Harmon, Host: Yeah, but they’re not even Americans. They themselves say that they walked the land bridge.

Adam Gingrich: I don’t even give a shit about some goddamned Bering Straights crossover from Siberia 17,000 years ago.  Point is you white nationalist who want to make your stand here in America, it’s kind of ridiculous. The point is we came here, and we took it. We took it. The whole purpose of Manifesty Destiny was not to purify it.  I was asserting out will… but you are not going to call yourself an originalist, a nativist unless you’ve been screwed over by this country for over 300 years.

Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans, BBC Documentary on YouTube, first broadcast 2006.




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  • Normandie De Longespee says:

    It doesn’t even matter if the Solutreans came here 14,000 years BCE. The Native Americans were already here. I have never heard not one Native say they came here in a land bridge, they do say they have always been here. If a maritime subset of Solutreans came to the Americas, they would be the ancestors of the current Native Americans in all of North America, since all native Americans are genetically homogenous to each other, and are more related to each other than any other race in the world. The ancestral Solutreans would be the sole ancestors of modern Native Americans, not modern Europeans who have only been in the American soil for 300 years. If modern Europeans are even descendants of Paleolithic and Mesolithic Europeans , they would be the descendants of the Solutreans who stayed in Europe, not the maritime subset who left Europe to the Americas. The Ancient Beringians and the Paleoamericans are related to each other, they are both descended from the first American founders population. It’s just that the Beringians stayed in the far north in Alaska, while the Paleoamericans settled all of the Americas, and the Ancient Beringians ended up dying out.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you for your most excellent comment. There is some genetic evidence that exists in modern Beringians that suggest interbreeding with European tribes. And some Amerindian tribes look awfully European, like the Alongonquins.

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