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It was first discovered by a college student on an archaeological team in 2010.  But scientists have just confirmed the date of the footprint.  They believe it to be 15,600 years old.

From CNN,

15,000-year-old footprint, the earliest sign of humans’ presence in the Americas

“The discovery challenges the previous timeline and map of human migration into South America. Most available evidence held that humans did not reach the Patagonia region at the southern tip of South America until 12,000 years ago, Karen Moreno, one of the co-authors of the research, told CNN.”

Dr. Moreno is directora magíster en Paleontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.


“‘There are other human footprints in the Americas but none has dated as far back,’ geologist Mario Pino told the newspaper El Austral. Pino said scientists were able to do so by applying radiocarbon dating techniques to organic plant material where the print was found.”

It is commonly accepted that the first Beringians arrived in North America through an opening in the Alaska glacial covering, 14, 400 years ago.

Astrophysicist Andres Meza dubs it “the earliest find of humans’ presence in the Americas.”

Quantum Scientist Felipe Herrera remarks:

“My new science hero in Chile Karen Moreno.  It took her and her team 8 years of peer review to convince her field of her results on human footprints in Osorno.”

Quick summary, including photos of the site at YouTube.

*Editor’s note – aplausos para la señora Morena!


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