Eurasians Neanderthal DNA

Up until now, most geneticists have put the percentage of Neanderthal DNA in European ethnics at 1.4 to 2.7%.  A few researchers and others, have speculated that it could be even higher, as much as 5 to 6%.

White well-being activist and popular YouTuber 4Mypeople has been telling his viewers for over a year, that research would soon come out that the Neanderthal percentage is more in the 9% range.  At YouTube 8 minute mark, he tells his viewers in one of his latest videos, “Looks like I’ve been vindicated.”

Background from, May 4, “Human DNA is up to 1/25th Neanderthal”:

“It might sound strange, but there’s actually scientific evidence to suggest that most people have a little Neanderthal DNA in them.

This is especially true for anyone who has ancestors from anywhere outside of Africa, so all those with European and Asian ancestry have a good chance of being just a little bit Neanderthal.

The BBC has shared scientific reports showing that when modern humans first left the African continent and started to explore Eurasia, they met up with Neanderthals. Unsurprisingly, some of these meetings resulted in cross-breeding, and it was these sexual exchanges and the resulting children that led to many modern people nowadays having up to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA.”

From the Universitat de Fabrou, Barcelona, Catalonia, April 24:

It has been proved that African populations crossbred with other extinct humans

“From the study of the DNA of present-day African populations, an international team of scientists has found that they had offspring with an extinct archaic population…


Belén Lorente-Galdos concludes “our method has enabled clearly ruling out the prevalent model does that does not consider archaic introgression in Africa. The new model we present has forced us, furthermore, to review the amount of DNA in people of Eurasian origin that comes from Neanderthals, which could be up to three times higher than had been estimated to date using the previous models.”



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