Perlman attacked Trump, Mitch McConnell and the GOP; Robinson a rabid Republican pounces

Actor Ron Perlman is known for his character role in 1981’s Quest for Fire, also Hell Boy and more recently Netflix’s Sons of Anarchy. He has been a vicious critic of the Trump administration.  In a video back in July, Perlman said:

MIndy - Actress Mindy Robinson slams Ron Perlman as a "Neanderthal" - Human Evolution News - 1“Trump isn’t the president of anything.  He’s just this fucking guy who has an insatiable need to… insatiate himself to the things that I listed, which again are money, power, attention…  and this sick and twisted part of it all, is I don’t know, he’s managed to resonate in a sector of this country, that just blows my mind…”

According to Breitbart, Nov. 5, Perlman attacked the GOP again,

Ron Perlman: Mitch McConnell ‘One of the Biggest Cun*s’ in U.S. History

Far-left Hollywood actor Ron Perlman is once again attacking Republicans, this time, calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “one of the biggest cunts” in U.S. history, and ignoring Joe Biden publicly stating that it’s “time to heal in America” and bring a divided nation together.

Perlman sent out a Tweet on Dec. 3:

“Mitch, you’re going to go down in the history books as one of the biggest cunts in US politics, and I’ve never seen anyone work harder for the title,” tweeted Perlman on Thursday.

Tweet from Mindy Robinson, Saturday, Nov. 5:MindyRobinson - Actress Mindy Robinson slams Ron Perlman as a "Neanderthal" - Human Evolution News - 2

“Ron Perlman is living proof that Neanderthals still exist.”

Robinson, who lives in Las Vegas, is best known for her roles in King of the Nerds and various TV reality shows.

Robert Chambers, CEO of RC Health Services of Windemere, Florida responded to Mindy’s Tweet:

“He was created for his role in Quest for Fire!”

Another Twitter user, Glen Roberson, a professional photographer from Rogers, Arkansas:

“Now, why did you have to go and insult Neanderthals?!!”

As chronicled here at extensively, modern Homo sapiens have as much as 6% Neanderthal DNA.  However, some claim even more.  See our most recent article on a friend of this site, who lives up in northeastern Canada and claims over 9% Neanderthal DNA: “Living Neanderthal Man of North America reveals himself to the World.”


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