Actor Jeffrey Goldblum says not so fast

As The Week explains, Feb. 17,  on Extinction:

“Using DNA technology, scientists are working on recreating species that have disappeared. The technology, called “de-extinction,” is likely at least a decade off…  “back-breeding,” involves mating examples of a living species with traits similar to the extinct species. The second option is cloning… The third option is to edit the genes of an extinct species’ closest living analog to obtain an approximation.”

Some work is already underway with sheep, carrier pigeons and even the woolly mammoth with some encouraging results.

Now, Dr. Jack Horner chimes in with a prediction.  From

“Famed paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner, who’s been a consultant on all four films and is the real-life inspiration for Jurassic Park‘s dinosaur expert Dr. Alan Grant, believes we’re (optimistically) just five years away from genetically engineering a dinosaur.”

Which has led actor Jeffrey Goldblum to Tweet out, March 9:




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