Charles Darwin Statue controversy back in the news

Charles DarwinThe Statue of Charles Darwin is back in the news.  The Natural History museum of London is contemplating removing the statue and collections from Darwin’s famed Galapagos Island adventure.

Additionally, the Natural History museum is threatening to remove all collections and references to Sir Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s close friend and colleague. The Museum is being threatened by Black Lives Matter and other Marxist groups, who favor censoring and even banning science from white males.

From the UK Daily Mail,

Now Charles Darwin gets cancelled: Natural History museum will review ‘offensive’ exhibitions about the Father of Evolution because HMS Beagle’s Galapagos voyage was ‘colonialist’

The Natural History museum is conducting a review into potentially ‘offensive’ collections including its Charles Darwin exhibitions.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, museum bosses have ordered an audit into certain collections that some staff believe are ‘legacies of colonies, slavery and empire’…  [Those] that could be ‘problematic’ may be renamed, relabelled, or removed.


Other collections that could come under scrutiny by the anti-racist review are specimens gathered by botanist Sir Joseph Banks who sailed with Captain James Cook, as well as items gathered by Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus who thought Africans were ‘crafty’, ‘indolent’ and ‘negligent’.

Days after the article in the Daily Mail there was much discussion on Twitter, particularly in the Richard Dawkins thread.  Most Twitter commenters reviled the London Museum.  But one in particular, caught the eye of this website.

Fergus Kane is a clinical psychologist with the taxpayer subsidized NHS in the United Kingdom.  From his un-spellchecked bio:

I am a UK trained Chartered Clinical Psychologist with a background in neuroscience and research.

I am now back in the United Kingdom after several years working in Quito, Ecuador.  I am for the most part no longer able to offer private therapy due to contraints (sic) on my time. I have returned to working in the UK National Healthcare System (NHS).

From Dr. Kane, Twitter, Sept 7:

“I’m noit offended by a statue of Charles Darwin.  However, I can imagine quite a few people who’d not like a statue of Hitler, Charles Manson, Epstein etc in the middle of their towns.  They might even get offended by it.”

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